• Spring Break here In NOVA
    Spring Break here In NOVA
    We here at Brave were fortunate enough to have a young photographer spend a few days in the shop with us for his spring break. Below is some of his work: Photography by: Connor ...
  • [Things You Need to Know] about Kitchen Cabinet Design
    Kitchen Cabinet Design
    Kitchen cabinets come in different shapes and sizes. But most of all, it varies in design depending on what the homeowner wants most.
    If you’re fond of shopping for kitchen wares, you probably came across custom kitchen cabinets Northern Virginia. But what does custom mean? Unlike the traditional kitchen setup, custom made kitchen cabinets are flexible and versatile. The woodworker will tailor the size, shape, and features to optimize the space in your kitchen.

    The basics

    About seven million homeowners renovated their kitchens this year. A big part of this revamp is the changes in kitchen cabinetry. In fact, simply changing the cabinets can make a big impact on how functional and convenient your kitchen is.

    Nowadays, kitchen cabinets come in different designs and ...
  • Kitchen Cabinets in Northern Virginia - [How to Choose the Right Design]
    Choose the Right Design
    Cabinets are important elements for a kitchen. Aside from being storage spaces, the exterior design adds aesthetic value to the area where you cook, eat, and sometimes entertain. Since it will bear the brunt of many kitchen feasts, the cabinets should last long time. And, since kitchen cabinets in Northern Virginia are statements of style, the design is a big factor to consider.

    Most homeowners would match the look of their kitchen with the overall palette of their house. It can range from country to rustic or grand to sleek. The materials will also vary depending on the look the homeowner would want to achieve. Budget is also an important aspect here.

    To help you choose the right design, here are some points to remember:

    Are there kids around?

    If there ...
  • [The Features & Benefits] of Custom Closets in Northern Virginia
    custom closets features
    Our closets don’t just hold our favorite outfits; it also adds aesthetic value to the rooms in our homes. It’s an attractive addition if ever you’re restyling your home or if you’re planning to purchase another piece of furniture. Custom made closets offer more personalization and functionality based on the amount of clothes and items you want to store.

    Closet spaces allow you to organize your things and maximize every square inch in your home. You have more space than you may think. If you’re wondering what you can get from custom closets in Northern Virginia, visit Brave Custom Woodworking Solutions. Check out these features and benefits of installing custom closets.

    Design that fits your lifestyle

    The best part of having custom closets is the freedom it gives to your creativity. By ...
  • Custom Cabinets - A New Look for Your Kitchen [Guide]
    New Look for Kitchen
    Is your kitchen looking bland and outdated? Maybe it’s time for a kitchen facelift. One of the main components of your kitchen are the cabinets. Revamping this crucial part of your kitchen will make a big difference. Brave Custom Woodworking Solutions creates custom cabinets and proudly serves Fairfax, Alexandria, Manassas, and more areas in Northern Virginia. From custom cabinetry to our portfolio of beautiful designs you’ll never run out of options.

    If you’re planning a renovation, make sure that you allot a portion of your budget to new cabinets. Aside from making it look more appealing, a new set of cabinets will also add more functionality to your cooking paradise.

    In case you’re scouting for custom ...