• Owner Jesse Cline honored by the Woodworking Network
    Jesse Cline
    Woodworking Network’s 40 under 40 award recognizes those individuals that have made a difference in their careers, their companies, their communities and to the industry. Benchmarks include productivity, profitability, social good, innovation, peer inspiration, product development and organizational leadership.

    Congratulations ...
  • What is the difference between MDF and particle board?
    MDF and particle board
    MDF is made by breaking wood down to it's basic fiber. The process is very similar to how we make paper. Water is used to unravel the wood cells or fibers, then the water is removed. An adhesive is added to the fibers which forms a mat that when heat is applied under pressure.

    Particle board is manufactured by cutting logs or pieces of wood into chips. The chips come in different sizes from large (also called wafers of flakes) to small to even tiny. The small and tiny chips fill in any gaps the the large chips create. The chips are then mixed with adhesive and ...
  • Home Office Alternatives
    Home Office Alternatives
    Close to half, 43% of America’s workforce report spending at least some of their time working remotely in 2016 according the Gallup’s State of American Workplace report.

    With the growing number of homeowners working from home, there is a need for a dedicated work-space in the house. In some instances, space or budget may not allow for a whole room to be used for an office – consider these alternatives:

    Guest Rooms:

    An extra bedrooms are not used would make a perfect office. By using Murphy beds, sleeper sofas or a day bed the room could be still used for an occasional guest.

    Dining Rooms:

    Many formal dining rooms go unused for their intended purpose. Adding French doors to the opening would give some privacy. We designed and installed a stand-alone (not ...
  • Interior designer predicts the top looks: Warm gray for built in cabinets popular.
    warm gray

    Warm Gray Cabinets.

    According to Builder Magazine, Courtney Rogers, a senior interior designer at Atlanta-based builder Edward Andrews Homes predicts gray is here to stay: Stating "It’s just been refreshed with new life. When gray cabinetry first made a splash, we saw it paired with cool hues and chrome hardware. Now, we are seeing gray take on a warmer tone, paired with brass hardware in bathrooms and as accent cabinetry in ...
  • Why get custom built-in cabinets?
    custom built in cabinet
    - Durability - built to last the life of the home.
    - Storage, storage and more storage - organization that mates form and function.
    - Real estate re-sale "wow" factor - separate your home from all the other cookie cutter homes.
    - Fill under utilized areas - use odd shaped spaces that regular furniture will not fit.
    - Custom tailored - made to fit your family's unique needs; mudrooms, offices and craft rooms.
    - Looks ...