What Should I Look for in Custom Cabinets?

professional cabinetmakers
For custom closets in Northern Virginia, excellent craftsmanship is a must. Here at Brave Custom Woodworking Solutions, we make each cabinet piece per request. What we offer is custom built in cabinets with exceptional design, on-point measurements and home installation.

All our cabinets are built to last. We also use high-performance doors with reliable joinery so they won't break, no matter how often you open and close them.

We also outfit our cabinets with numerous accessories. You can pick the accessory you like to maximize every inch of your new storage unit.

custom built in cabinets
Above all, we give you the freedom to choose your cabinets' look, color, and size. Our in-house designers will sit with you to accommodate all your requests. Rest assured that we will bring your dream cabinets to life.

What does a professional cabinetmaker do?

Here at Brave Custom Woodworking Solutions, we make custom pieces that are bespoke for each client. We conduct home visits to get measurements and to talk to you about the design. With this process, we can check the installation area to identify the installation requirements.

We design and manufacture each cabinet in our shop. We never outsource the creation of our cabinets because we have employ in-house cabinetmakers. Since 2006, we have been producing elegant and functional custom closets in Northern Virginia.

As professional cabinetmakers, we design, create, and install custom cabinets. We are your go-to cabinet experts for any custom piece you want to get for your home or commercial establishment. Whether it's for your kitchen, bedroom, living room, and so on, our cabinetmakers can build it.