Door Styles

cabinet door features

Built-in Cabinet Door Features

- Soft Closed Hinges (available) - prevents doors from slamming shut.

- Concealed, Adjustable and Easily Removable hinges open to 110 degrees and allow the door to be removed easily.

- Adjustable Shelving - shelves are full depth of interior.

- White or Maple (as shown) - easy to clean, melamine
paint grade doors

Paint Grade Doors

Standard Paint Colors:
CW-1 = Sherwin Williams - Extra White
CW-2 = Sherwin Williams - Pure White
CW-3 = Sherwin Williams - Creamy
CW-4 = Sherwin Williams - Alabaster
CW-5 - Sherwin Williams - Dove White

We can paint in any color you desire.
thermofoil cabinet doors

Thermofoil Doors

Thermofoil cabinets are made using a flexible vinyl material that is applied by heating the vinyl and molding it over medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or engineered wood. The result is a cabinet door with a smooth surface that resists chipping better than painted surfaces.
stain grade doors

Stain Grade Doors