Fireplace - Custom Built-In Cabinets

A fireplace offers a perfect location for built-in custom cabinets. Working around an existing mantel or designing and installing a new fireplace mantel, we incorporate an integrated look with our custom built-in cabinets. Display your treasured items and books in a bookcase or store your belongings behind cabinet doors.

Custom Fireplaces and Custom Cabinets

With our custom fireplaces and fireplace built-in cabinets, you will discover more design opportunities for your living room. We can provide hand-carved mantels and high-class fireplace cabinets for all households.

With our custom solutions, you can match the design of your fireplace with your new and custom cabinets in Fairfax.

From classic looks, contemporary, and luxurious built-in cabinets fireplace, our designers have endless ideas for your home.
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Best Storage Solutions Around Your Fireplace

Many homeowners don’t realize the potential of their fireplace for additional storage. But with our fireplace built-in cabinets, you will have more storage solutions that can double as a design for your home.

Worried about setting your cabinets on fire? Rest assured that we use non-combustible and durable material that will last a lifetime.

We will place fireplace cabinets on your living room without making it look too cramped up. With the right designing, we will achieve the look you have in mind.

The area beside your fireplace doesn’t have to sit idle. You can convert it into a storage spot for a more organized living room.

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Expert Design Team

We will reimagine the look of your living room with storage solutions built specifically for your home around your fireplace.

Our dedication to design and innovation allow us to deliver seamless service and products to our customers.

Our pool of designers have years of experience in designing cabinets for all applications. Their flair for aesthetics and regard to your budget will be an irresistible pair.

How Built-In Cabinets Can Help You Choose Best Fireplace Cabinets

Built in cabinetry in Northern Virginia is a great way to revamp your fireplace. It offers both style and functionality in one for a very competitive cost. You can ask for custom fireplace cabinets so it can fit your desired installations like televisions, fixtures, and more.
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Here at Brave Custom Woodworking Solutions, we offer built-in and custom made cabinets to suit your fireplace and any installation location. Rest assured that every piece we manufacture will surpass your expectations.

Built-in Cabinets Add Functionality

Built-in cabinets are the best when it comes to functionality. It can be made with shelves and special accessories to suit every household. Also, we can cater to the requests of the homeowner so they get the most out of their custom cabinets.

Built-in Cabinets Decorate Your Fireplace

Aside from being functional, built-in cabinets also add a decorative effect on your fireplace. You can choose from a variety of colors and finishes depending on the motif of your home. Our designers will ensure that all the aspects of the design will get your nod.

Built-in Cabinets Organize Your Living Room

Do you have a cluttered fireplace and living room? With built-in cabinets, you can now have additional storage space to stash toys and other stuff. You can also ask for various storage accessories!

Built-in Cabinets Are Versatile

Built in cabinetry in Northern Virginia is a versatile and flexible choice for those who are planning to revamp their fireplace. Customers have the freedom to customize and choose the style that they want.​