• Kitchen Cabinets in Northern Virginia - [How to Choose the Right Design]

    Choose the Right Design
    Cabinets are important elements for a kitchen. Aside from being storage spaces, the exterior design adds aesthetic value to the area where you cook, eat, and sometimes entertain. Since it will bear the brunt of many kitchen feasts, the cabinets should last long time. And, since kitchen cabinets in Northern Virginia are statements of style, the design is a big factor to consider.

    Most homeowners would match the look of their kitchen with the overall palette of their house. It can range from country to rustic or grand to sleek. The materials will also vary depending on the look the homeowner would want to achieve. Budget is also an important aspect here.

    To help you choose the right design, here are some points to remember:

    Are there kids around?

    If there are kids who have sticky fingers around, glossy or metal door cabinets won’t be a good choice. It will always end up with fingerprint marks and grease that you’ll have to wipe constantly. Opt for wood instead. Also, metal doors are a bit less safe than plastic or wood material when it comes to kids who love bolting around. That's why Brave Custom Woodworking Solutions offers the best materials for all our built in cabinets.

    What type of kitchen do I have?

    It’s best to get pale and reflective cabinets if you have a small galley kitchen. But if you happen to have a large kitchen space facing the south, non-reflective or matte finishes would be great. This will feel cool despite the direct sunlight. You can also consider mirrored glass to give your small kitchen a sense of space. Be sure to think of the size and lighting in your kitchen to really understand the type of kitchen you have.

    How organized do I want it to be?

    Aside from maintaining a clean countertop, organizing your kitchen also involves well-designed custom cabinetry. If you always lose forks and spoons, get a cabinet with utensil pantry pullouts. You can also have a wall-message center installed to remind everyone where things belong in your kitchen. It’s not just about how many cabinets you have, it’s also about how functional each one is. Our built in cabinets are designed to fit your home and enhance organization to make your cooking experience a breeze every time.

    What door profile do you like?

    The door profile of your cabinet is the visible part on your kitchen. Make sure that the color and design matches the pallet and look of your kitchen and house. Choosing this part is a good way to narrow down your cabinet options. It can either be a slab, recessed miter, recessed, raised arch, and more. What color should your cabinet doors be? Do you want the deep wood look to shine or do you prefer it painted?

    What’s your taste for function and beauty?

    Always make functionality and beauty meet on your choice of cabinet. For example, if you hate noisy cabinets, might as well install QuietClose hardware. It will help your cabinets close smoothly and avoid the banging and finger accidents with your kids. Don’t just focus on the appearance; make sure that the cabinets are easy to use.

    Are you maximizing every inch?

    An efficient kitchen is a happy kitchen. If you maximize your cabinet through custom designs and internal mechanisms like pull outs, you can make your kitchen more organized. With this, retrieving and storing things will be easier.

    Cabinets in Northern Virginia are becoming more prominent, thanks to kitchen design advancements. If you’re also planning to do a revamp, don’t forget to take your time on choosing your storage options. Schedule a free consultation with our designers at Brave Custom Woodworking Solutions today!
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