• [Things You Need to Know] about Kitchen Cabinet Design

    Kitchen Cabinet Design
    Kitchen cabinets come in different shapes and sizes. But most of all, it varies in design depending on what the homeowner wants most.
    If you’re fond of shopping for kitchen wares, you probably came across custom kitchen cabinets Northern Virginia. But what does custom mean? Unlike the traditional kitchen setup, custom made kitchen cabinets are flexible and versatile. The woodworker will tailor the size, shape, and features to optimize the space in your kitchen.

    The basics

    About seven million homeowners renovated their kitchens this year. A big part of this revamp is the changes in kitchen cabinetry. In fact, simply changing the cabinets can make a big impact on how functional and convenient your kitchen is.

    Nowadays, kitchen cabinets come in different designs and types. But if you’re serious about adding value to your kitchen, you have to choose your options wisely, using quality materials and workmanship. You can get custom kitchen cabinets Fairfax together with tons of accessories to customize how you use your kitchen.

    You can get custom designs

    Custom kitchen cabinets actually fall into two types: semi-custom and custom. For semi-custom, the pieces will not be made until an order is placed. However, the look and build will still be based on cataloged formats by the supplier. Nevertheless, semi-custom cabinets can be still be configured with adjusted widths, lengths, and extended styles.

    As for custom cabinetry, each piece is made in conjunction with your space size, requests, and budget. Everything can be tweaked and adjusted as requested by the homeowner.

    …and don't forget about the kitchen accessories too!

    Aside from enjoying the custom kitchen cabinets, you can also get complementing accessories that add functionality to these storage spaces. At Brave Custom Woodworking Solutions, we can offer a custom hood range wood cover, magic corner, double roll-out drawers, wine racks, stemware holder, tilt sink tray, and more.

    These accessories allow you to upgrade your kitchen cabinets into a more functional and chic space to prepare food. And whatever additions you want to have, we have it all for you.

    Add convenience to your kitchen

    This part of your house is one of the most important spots. This is where most of the preparation for events happen. All you want is everything to be within hand’s reach. Simply adding racks inside the cabinets will organize your utensils in ways you never imagined possible. Custom kitchen cabinets will be the envy of your friends and family.

    Hire the right woodworkers

    As much as custom cabinetry is a great investment, you need to hire the right people to do the job. Invest your money on woodworkers that have impressive track record, portfolio, and high customer satisfaction rating. Make sure that the cabinet makers are skilled in handling kitchen installations like kitchen cabinets Northern Virginia.

    Here at Brave Custom Woodworking Solutions, you’ll get quality material, reliable service, and smoothly tailored cabinetry. We make cabinets for every room of your house, including the most sought after kitchens. Schedule a free design consultation with the cabinet experts at Brave Custom Woodworking Solutions and we will start your project right away.
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