Assorted Room Custom built In Cabinets

Custom built-in cabinets adding storage to various rooms. whether it be records, CD or a Star Wars figures, display your valued collection with custom built in bookcases.

  • Laundry

  • Basement

  • Dinning Room

  • Craft Room

  • Media Room

  • Exercise Room

  • Sewing Cabinets

Professional Custom Cabinets Makers in Fairfax 


Here at Brave Custom Woodworking Solutions, we make closets by design. This way, each piece will suit your needs, be it storing your records, collection, or books. Aside from handling the cabinetry, we also have a team of designers that will oversee cabinet operations when you order from us.


We also make kitchen cabinets for homeowners in Northern Virginia with complete installation and accessories.


Design Cabinets To Perfectly Fit Your Custom Storage Needs For Every Room


We are experts in custom cabinets in Alexandria, VA. With this, we can produce just about any cabinet for all purposes imaginable. We can provide closets, bookshelves, children’s cabinet, recessed wall cabinets, and so on.

Custom cabinets in Alexandria, VA

Our team will guarantee that each cabinet will solve your storage issues. With us, every inch of your storage space will be maximized with high-quality custom cabinets in Fairfax.

Professional Custom Cabinets Makers in Fairfax

Stay Organized In Style

Who says you can’t be stylish while decluttering? Our cabinets are made to be decorative yet highly functional at the same time. You can choose the color, texture, and material that will suit your home.

Our closets by design will be the highlight of your room. Not to mention the unique accessories we provide, it will be an upgrade from pre-made cabinets.

Schedule Your Free Design Consultation With Brave Custom Woodworking Solutions

If you are in need of custom cabinets in Alexandria, VA, call us at 703-367-0477 Brave CWS. We offer free design consultation without any obligations.​

We will schedule you for the consultation so you will enjoy our full attention. Our designer will ensure that all your ideas are incorporated into the project. But if you think we can’t satisfy your needs, you’re free to go to scout other providers. That’s how much we value your confidence.

All About Family Room Cabinets In Northern Virginia

A family room cabinet is a great way to maximize your home’s space while keeping the clutter away. It will also give character to your family room with the addition of custom wall bookshelves.

You have full control over the color, design, and material used. With this, you can personalize the look of your custom cabinets in Alexandria, VA.

From classic to modern styles, you have tons of options. And here at, Brave Custom Woodworking Solutions we will bring your cabinet ideas to life.

cabinets northern virginia

Different Storage Needs

From sewing cabinets, bookshelves, children’s cabinet, living room pieces, and so on, we have the right selections for you. Aside from ensuring that we will nail the perfect look of your cabinets in Northern Virginia, we will also customize each one to suit your needs.

Every inch of your home matters to us. With this, we will maximize our skill in cabinetry to give you storage that works, lasts, and pays in the future.

custom wall bookshelves

Expert Design Team

We have a pool of cabinet designers that will cater to your ideas. From the color, texture, material, and built-in accessories, they have everything covered.

Our designers are trained not just in coming up with the perfect design, but also in matching the project to your budget and needs. We will meet you half way so you can avail custom cabinets in Alexandria, VA without breaking the bank.

Free Design Consultation

Do you need a new family room cabinet? Call us at Brave Custom Woodworking Solutions for a free consultation. No obligations!

We will discuss to you our options and see what will work for your home. You’re free to scout other providers if need be. Because at Brave, it’s also about peace of mind.

Why Choose Brave Custom Woodworking Solutions?

Here at Brave Custom Woodworking Solutions, we work with you to achieve the custom closets that will suit your needs. We ensure that we get the essentials covered and make every inch of your custom closets in Northern Virginia worth your money.

Our custom cabinets in Fairfax will bring your ideas to life – from size, color, look, feel, and material. We provide superior styles for all custom cabinets that we make.

Our designers will meet you to work with the custom closets that you like to have. We will use our latest and state-of-the-art technology to achieve a seamless finish that will last a lifetime. 

Custom Solutions For Different Storage Needs

Do you need a walk-in closet? How about one for the kids? A reach-in closet, rather? Whatever you have in mind, our designers can give you custom solutions that fit your budget. 

custom cabinets in Fairfax
kitchen cabinets in Northern Virginia

We will ensure that all the hidden spaces in your room will be maximized into a fully functional storage space. As we know that custom closets in Northern Virginia are parts of your daily life, we will pair it with accessories. It will transform the idle space into an organized hub for all your things.

Free Design Consultation

Do you need custom cabinets in Fairfax? Contact us at Brave Custom Woodworking Solutions and enjoy our free design consultation.

We are a team of cabinetry experts with years of experience in the industry. Whatever you have in mind, we will turn it into a killer design that your family will love. 

Once we receive your request, one of our designers will get back to you in the soonest possible time.