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Increase your children's storage space with our professional designed custom built-in cabinets.

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How to Choose Custom Cabinets for your Kid's Room

You can maximize your kid's room by adding custom cabinets in Alexandria, VA. But how should you choose the right piece for your child? The following are some of the points you have to consider:

Look for shelving on both sides

Shelves on both sides allow you to store your child’s books, trophies, and other small items. It’s also an excellent way to organize a kid’s room without having to stash everything away.

Get drawers

Drawers get handy for your kid's clothes, toys, and school supplies. It's ideal for organizing a kid's room while allowing full accessibility. When it comes to cabinets in Northern Virginia for kids, you should add soft closers to prevent sore fingers. 

Add a long counter

A long counter will serve as a hobby space for your child as well as a place for play. It’s a great way to keep toys off the floor while making everything easy to organize. 

Have a distraction-free study table

A study table is necessary, so your child will have a distraction-free area to study. It’s usually planked with side shelves or drawers. Also, make sure that there’s a built-in light.

Integrate a small closet

A small closet can be integrated with custom hangers, draw stacks, and small cubicles. This way, you can organize your child’s clothes. It’s an efficient storage solution, which also removes the clutter on the floor. 

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Don’t get very elevated shelves 

A very high shelf platform is dangerous, especially for younger children. They may have the tendency to climb and fall in the process. If you choose a large cabinet, avoid storing anything on the top shelves.

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