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Our closet systems and closet organizers are built like cabinets, locally in Manassas, VA and are of superior quality. 

We differ in that we do not bring in a "bag of parts" to your home nor are we a franchise operation.

Standard and Optional Features
  • Our installations sit on the floor and do not hang off the wall like other systems...

  • Using the latest construction technology, we have developed a cabinet system that will stretch and fit your budget.

  • Full extension, opening drawers allow full access and are quiet when closing.

  • Sturdy no sag closet rods

  • Adjustable 3/4" thick shelves

  • Concealed hinge opening doors allow full access. (Soft Closed available).

  • Optional finished end panels will complement your selected door style for custom appearance.

  • All 3/4" thick construction with full, base cabinet tops (no plastic corners).

  • 14-3/4" deep, standard construction or any size to fit your space requirements.

  • An easy to clean interior.

  • A multitude of high quality closet accessories are available.

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Importance of Custom Closets and Cabinets Gallery

Custom closets in VA are made based on your needs. Instead of putting up generic parts, our makers of custom cabinets in Alexandria, VA measure, design, and manufacture each closet and cabinet exclusively. This ensures that every inch of the cabinet fits properly to the installation site.

Storage That Meets Your Needs

Our custom closets in Northern Virginia are designed exclusively based on the available space in your home and the storage needs that you have. This is way better than buying generic closets in the market.


More Property Value

Are you planning to sell your home in the future? More buyers will be interested to purchase your property if you have newly installed closets. The fact that it’s custom made also adds more value to your home.

Utilize Each Space

Custom cabinets help you maximize all the space available in your room. With this, you can declutter your wardrobe for neater storage of your clothes. This is a big deal for small rooms.

Easy Access

With our custom closets in Northern VA, you can easily access your wardrobe. Thanks to the design and accessories, the closet will be tailored to your activities and size of the wardrobe that you have. 

Look That Suits Your Preference 

Are you conscious of how your closet looks? You can achieve the design that you want by working with custom closet makers like Brave Custom Woodworking Solutions.

If you’re in need of custom closets and cabinets, Brave is the maker to call. We personally manufacture each piece to ensure that it meets your needs.

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How to Design & Build Affordable Custom Closets

Unlike generic closets, custom closets and cabinets in Fairfax can be tailored to your needs. It can come with a variety of accessories and divisions that will make the organization a breeze. Nevertheless, custom closets don't have to break your bank. Here at Brave Custom Woodworking Solutions, we craft custom cabinets and custom closets at a very competitive price.

So how do we make it affordable yet durable? First of all, we don’t outsource our cabinets. Each piece is bespoke and created in our shop. Also, we have in-house cabinet makers who are not on a commission-based system. This way, we can slash the markups and hidden fees, letting you avail custom closets in Northern Virginia at a reasonable price.

We gladly provide free estimates. Unlike other cabinet makers who will charge you right away, we let you see the design before we proceed in producing the cabinet or custom closet.

We inspect the installation first

Instead of paying extra fees on adjustments upon installation, we inspect and measure the installation area first. This way, the custom cabinets in Northern Virginia we will produce will fit perfectly upon installation. There's no need for adjustments or redoing everything. This saves you from exorbitant fees and longer turnaround time.

Aside from that, we also design slide-out shelves instead of drawers based on your request. This is ideal for those who don't have the extra budget for actual drawers. We can also add drawers later without having to redo everything. 

Most importantly, we give you tons of options so we can meet your budget. From the finish, door material, accessories, and more, you have full control over your spending to ensure you'll love your custom cabinets and custom closet.

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Closet Accessories
We love building cabinets. Let us build one for you.

Mix & Match our closet cabinets to organize YOUR SPACE!

Custom Closets, closet organizers, mudrooms, pantries and laundry cabinets locally designed in Northern Virginia and Fairfax. 


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