Family Room - Living Room - TV Room Built In Custom Cabinets

Custom built-in cabinets create an attractive focal point in any family room, living room and basements. The cabinets featured are built around the customers existing TV size adding to the room's storage capacity. The basic design feature bottom base cabinet with doors or drawers and bookcase style upper cabinets.

Family Room Built-in Cabinet Ideas in Virginia

Why settle with the old and outdated cabinets in your room? There are tons of built-in cabinet ideas for family rooms that you can utilize to improve the look and feel of your home. A family room cabinet offers both organization and style.


Family room cabinet sets will help you relax and enjoy the coziness of your space. You can avail surrounds, mantels, bookcases, entertainment centers, and more for a full spectrum of designs.


It will create a focal point to your room which adds texture and color to reflect your personality.

custom cabinets for living room

Living Room Storage Cabinets in Northern Virginia


Looking for living room built in cabinet ideas? There are tons of living room cabinet storage options that you can utilize. As you know, room storage can become messy as toys, clothes, and other stuff piles up. But this doesn’t mean you’ll have to resort to unappealing cabinets. You can choose built in cabinet ideas to add more storage space and to declutter your rooms.


Storage cabinets and custom shelving are necessary to transform idle spaces into useful organizers. Not just that, you can also use decorative moldings to make the cabinets look less of a storage spot. And the best part is that these custom cabinets and custom entertainment centers will fit perfectly in your home and enhance your overall space.

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Why Choose Us?


Be it custom cabinets for living rooms or for family rooms, Brave Custom Woodworking Solutions has the right materials and designs for you. The cabinets and entertainment centers will be tailored to your taste while considering the space available in your rooms.


Over the years, Brave Custom Woodworking Solutions has made custom cabinets all over Virginia. This is a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to quality and useful cabinetry. With this, they seek to make cabinetry not just means for decoration but a way to promote a quality living space.


Contact us today for a free design consultation.

How to Choose Perfect Custom Cabinet Makers for Living Room

Do they make custom cabinets?


Custom cabinets in Fairfax allow you to tailor-fit the design and functionalities of your cabinets to your needs. So if you are to choose a cabinet maker, ensure that they are experts in custom work. Here at Brave Custom Woodworking Solutions, custom cabinets are our expertise. Call us, and we will start planning them for you.

Do we have in-house cabinet makers?


Cabinet makers that hire workers by commission tend to produce low-quality pieces. This is because the cabinet makers will try to produce as many pieces as possible to earn more.

This is why you should only hire cabinet makers with an in-house team. It's a guarantee that they focus on quality instead of quantity.

Custom Cabinet Makers for Living Room
Cabinets in Northern Virginia

Do you have control over the design?


Every homeowner wants to apply their personal touch to the cabinet design. A cabinet maker should be more than willing to cater to your requests, especially about how the cabinet will look, what materials will be used, and so on.

Do they use premium materials?


If you want the best cabinets in Northern Virginia, you should look for a cabinet maker that uses premium materials. Avoid those that resort to scrap wood and other substandard materials just to cut corners and earn a higher markup.

Do they have additional accessories?


Cabinet accessories add functionality to the storage space. Also, it allows the user to maximize every inch and to secure various items properly. Here at Brave Custom Woodworking Solutions, we have a myriad of cabinet accessories to suit your needs. You’re also free to choose which one you want us to incorporate into the cabinet pieces.